What the f*** are surprise eggs????

Now before you condemn me with your parental judgement for letting my small child loose on YouTube please remember I have 3 Velociraptors, I mean 1–year-old triplets so there are occasions when cartoons on YouTube help maintain a certain level of peace. It all starts innocently, I give Josh the iPad with Blaze and the monster machines playing, he then knows that when that finishes he clicks on the next picture and the next cartoon starts. He’s been watching for about 15 minutes and I asked “what you watching?” to which he replies “surprise eggs” in a sort of isn't it be obvious voice. You what? Surprise eggs? What is he talking about? Yes, he’s engrossed in a video of someone opening up a lo

My triplets are dinosaurs!

Now I know this seems like a crazy concept as dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and technically I haven’t had their DNA tested but once you hear my case you’ll probably agree. So firstly let me clear up that my little guys don’t have scales or long tails or constantly shout “not the mama”! The reason I think the triplets have dino DNA is their uncanny similarity to Velociraptors, yes I mean the really clever/ nasty/ nightmare inducing dinosaurs we see in the film Jurassic park. Wow, I hear you say this guy is crazy, why on earth would he call his triplets dinosaurs? Well let me put my case forward and you decide 1. They work as a team against you Our child-proofing strategy is two pron

Get your hands out of there!!

Up until now the focus of the blog has been the triplets which is understandable, people want to know how you cope, when do you sleep, do they fight, did you have IVF etc. etc. In a twist to what you have come to expect I have decided this post should be focused on Josh our 3-year-old toddler and to be more exact, his fascination with a very specific part of his anatomy!! I’m not sure when it happened but recently Josh has discovered his “winky” which according to all the online advice I have read is perfectly natural and he should be encouraged to explore his own body, which I can understand and agree with to some extent. However, let me set the scene: we’re in the living room, the triplets

Yes, they're triplets!!!

So the time has come to take the little guys out, which would be most people’s idea of complete madness however, we decided we wouldn’t let it beat us and with a little (a lot) of planning we could do this. We decided we would go to a local shopping centre so we loaded up the triplets and their brother into the car seats and loaded the car up with enough baby paraphernalia to rival our local Toys R Us. Right we’re off, park up load the babies into the triplet buggy restrain toddler and we’re good to go. What I didn’t realise at this point was that a triplet buggy was a tractor beam for people who felt the need to ask crazy/ stupid/intrusive/weird (delete as appropriate) questions. Now the or

The day 3 got multiplied by 2

Its early morning on the 23rd March 2015 and we’ve just arrived at the hospital, I’m nervous as hell, I can’t watch casualty without wanting to lose my lunch never mind be in an operating theater with blood and guts everywhere. However, my feeling must pale into insignificance compared to how my better half must be feeling, she’s carrying 3 little lives in her belly and in a matter of hours is going to be in theater having a major operation to free the Pritchard 3. As the morning progresses we miss our scheduled operation slot as there is an emergency with another mum, all ok I hope. We sit in a small room just waiting, chatting about life trivia trying to take the focus away from the impend

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