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1 out of 3 isn't bad

Imagine the silence in the room during the scan the moment the midwife told us that mummy’s tummy had 3 little monsters in and not the 1 we were a. planning & b. expecting! Anyway fast forward through the pregnancy, sleepless nights, house move to accommodate the fact that mummy was growing a small army in her tummy etc. and we get to the point that we had accepted what was about to happen to us, just about!

With our new found optimism our focus turned to hoping that each of the little monsters would be healthy and have no complications as they were going to be premature and complication are not uncommon in multiple pregnancies. With a huge amount of luck and the best medical care the NHS could provide all babies (now toddlers) are fine and healthy and are developing as expected or are they?

The split of the triplets is 2 boys and 1 girl:

Zac is triplet #1 as he was born first, he’s like a big cuddly teddy bear, loving, smiley and just generally a cheery little guy.

Ashley is triple #2 as he was 30 seconds behind Zac on entering the world, Ash is a little smaller than Zac in physique, he’s inquisitive, brave and pretty much into everything.

Sophie is triplet #3, she’s smaller than both the boys and really is miss independent, she’s our little princess and loves nothing more than dancing around the living room or bossing her brothers around.

Now going back to the “are they “question let me expand, although all 3 are happy healthy toddlers Ashley is absolutely nuts, I’m talking “Jesus what’s he doing now?” crazy. Let me furnish you with some examples:

  1. On Sunday I’m in the Kitchen sorting something out, Triplet Mummy is upstairs in the shower, I hear Ashley having a moan about something in the playroom which normally means he’s rammed a toy car down behind the radiator or he’s trying to reach one of his 3-year-old brothers toys that has purposely been put out of his reach. So a few minutes’ pass and he start to grizzle, an almost help me type grizzle so I’m now a little concerned so run into the playroom to see what he’s up to only to find him like this:

2. We recently took the kids to the dreaded soft play, which can be quite challenging with 4 as they have the numbers advantage, let alone the fact one is nuts!

To start with everything is fine, our 3-year-old is off doing his thing in the bigger section while the triplets are happily playing in the toddler area:

This lulls us in to a false sense of ‘wow this is actually quite easy’, which normally means Ash is about to get bored. As if like clockwork he decides the toddler area isn’t exactly exciting and he need to follow his older brother - queue the music for the great escape.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re lucky we only have 1 crazy one out of 3 which I’m sure is a blessing but I have to say he doesn’t half make life fun and interesting although I’m sure Triplet Mummy is suffering from TTSD: Toddler Traumatic Stress Disorder but I’m sure that’ll pass as he gets older.

Who else has a crazy one? I wouldn’t change it for the world though!

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