What the f*** are surprise eggs????

Now before you condemn me with your parental judgement for letting my small child loose on YouTube please remember I have 3 Velociraptors, I mean 1–year-old triplets so there are occasions when cartoons on YouTube help maintain a certain level of peace.

It all starts innocently, I give Josh the iPad with Blaze and the monster machines playing, he then knows that when that finishes he clicks on the next picture and the next cartoon starts. He’s been watching for about 15 minutes and I asked “what you watching?” to which he replies “surprise eggs” in a sort of isn't it be obvious voice.

You what? Surprise eggs? What is he talking about?

Yes, he’s engrossed in a video of someone opening up a load of surprise eggs. I didn’t even know this was a "thing"! He was absolutely transfixed and ended up watching about 4 in a row. He would watch with excited anticipation to see what toy would be revealed and take great pride in telling me what the toy was, ranging from Star Wars figures to Disney Characters and everything in-between.

Intrigued by this phenomenon that seems to be brain washing our children I decided to watch it with him to try and understand what it’s all about.

The video he was watching was about half an hour long and features a set of adult hands opening 101 plastic surprise eggs. It has more than 290 million views. Two hundred and ninety MILLION times, a child listened to that cheery music and cried out “Spiderman! … Stickers! … Lightening McQueen!” as each egg was opened. Two hundred and ninety million times, a parent twitched and fought back the urge to burst out "WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS!!!!!!"

To this day I have no idea why he is so fascinated by these videos but what ever the reason, I wholeheartedly thank the makers for the moments of peace these crazy little videos allow me!

video credit - FunToyzCollector

Do you have a surprise egg video obsessed child?

I’d love to know your thoughts and stories……