Rub-a-dub-dub, three little monsters in the tub!

The other night mummy and I had an insane moment of bravery and decided to attempt bathing the little guys together. Up until now it was always one in one out like a little slippery wriggly conveyor belt but this obviously takes more time so in a moment of positive thinking/ plain stupidity we decided they were all going in together. The odds were stacked heavily against us, 2 against 3 and to raise the difficulty level up to max ( imagine driving with your arms tied together while blindfolded) we added a toddler who insisted that the babies needed more and more toys in the bath!

You'll be surprised to know that things went pretty well all babies came out all shiny and new, nobody pooed in the bath and our 3-year-old didn't pose the question "why hasn't Sophie got a winky?" I'll chalk that up as a win!