Thing I've learnt about myself

Since becoming a father everyday is a learning experience, how do you settle a baby? how do you change a nappy? how the hell does that car seat fit? surely there shouldn't be a screw left over after I've built the crib? etc.

Learning new things is just part of the whole experience and should be expected, however what i took for granted until i sat back and thought about it is "what has being a dad taught me about myself if anything?"

Here goes:

I lived a selfish life before my kids were born.

I can function on 5 hours of sleep. But I'm a much nicer guy when I get 7.

Even though my kids wake up way too early, when I hear them first thing in the morning I can’t wait to see them.

Patience can be learned. And boy did I need it.

I can survive without watching the latest “hit” television show or seeing the hottest movies.

I have a greater respect for triplet mummy she is patient, kind and just the right amount of firm with them all the time.

Hearing someone call you “Daddy or Dadda” often brings me close to tears.

I want to capture the voices of my children as toddlers. Not only is it the cutest thing you've ever heard but it will be funny as hell to listen to someday.

I obsess more about the things I cannot teach my children than the things I can.

My Sky+ record feature is no longer for my shows.

You must clean as you go, that’s the kids and the house. Otherwise, it will overwhelm you.

When my children are in pain, I feel it as much — if not more — than they do.

I laugh more and get more enjoyment out of life than I did before the kids were born.

When I'm out with my kids, I have more spontaneous conversations with strangers than ever before.

I have re-discovered my love of dinosaurs and playing with Lego.

I can be ordered around by a person 1/4 my size but equipped with significant persuasive powers.

I look at every park we drive past and judge it based on quality of playground equipment.

I don’t freak out if I get a child’s pee, poo or vomit on my hands.

Bathing a baby freaks me out, especially when there's 4 of them.

I will always be honest with my kids and I won’t sugar-coat the path that lies ahead of them for a successful life. I will, however, always encourage them and if they want to do something badly enough, I will help them work as hard as possible to achieve their goals.

The technology that my kids will use terrifies me.

I want to work hard and earn as much money as I can to give the kids a great life and possibly retire in my mid-60’s (the latter is unlikely).