A few things I've learnt since having triplets

  1. Roles change, the baby becomes the big brother in the blink of an eye.

  2. How to cope in a sleep deprived state. The first 9 months are terrible, I think I slept about 3 hours a night at best.

  3. Babies are psychic, they have this innate sense of when you’re about to do something important like eat, or poo. They’ll be all calm and content in their bouncy chair and then as soon as the foods ready or the turtle head’s poking all hell will break loose and by the crying/screaming you can only assume one is about to be murdered, when in reality they've dropped a dummy.

  4. Just because two are sleeping, it doesn't mean the other one will.

  5. Girls are sneaky when they pee, instead of spraying like a fountain, it trickles down their bum while you’re changing them, you only then realise once you’re redressing them.

  6. Single prams look like tiny play toys.

  7. While it may be possible to sleep through a partner’s snores, it is impossible to sleep through a baby’s significantly softer gurgles.

  8. Babies can have ten bowel movements a day, that’s 30 nappies!!

  9. Your family becomes a magnet for weird (and inappropriate) comments

  10. It is possible to live with just one TV channel – baby TV

  11. Triplets develop at different rates.

  12. Going out can be classified as an uncharted expedition.

  13. Triplets have an unique DNA link to velociraptors.

  14. They share from an early age, especially coughs and colds.

  15. Always keep a supply of batteries. Kid’s toys take batteries, lots of batteries. I must spend £10-£15 a month on batteries.

  16. Triplet talk is a thing and it fascinates me.

  17. Every fussy baby is teething, unless it isn't.

  18. Being back at work is tough. I've been back in full time work for nearly all my triplet’s life. It means they gets to keep warm and have a roof over their heads and milk in their bellies but it sure is tough. Not only do you miss out on some of the firsts and quirky little things babies start to do, you also get to come home tired from a full day’s work, to tired babies that just wants to vomit on you and scream in your face till they fall asleep.

  19. I love coffee, I really really love coffee

  20. An entire weekend can easily pass without getting out of your pyjama’s (and that’s OK)

  21. I find washing clothes satisfying, but I DETEST folding them away, there's just so many tiny clothes.

  22. I would pay good money to sleep alone for the entire night

  23. There are “dirty clothes” and then there are clothes that will do for just “one more wear”

  24. I am now able to pick up and carry three babies at the same time. It has also taught me how to pee while holding two and using my leg to keep the third out of, um, the line of fire.

  25. I could win the Nobel Peace Prize, but most people would still know me as "that poor bastard with triplets."

  26. The only thing better than your baby’s smile first thing in the morning is 3 babies smiling.

  27. 1 year olds fight, if one has a toy the other wants a live UFC bout takes place.

  28. With three babies, it's virtually impossible to be over-protective, which, incidentally, has filled me with disdain for those who are. You know, those who act as if they're the first couple to ever have a baby? The ones who treat their baby as if the very survival of planet Earth is directly proportional to their kid's well-being?

  29. Buttons suck, zips suck - poppers are cool and Velcro RULES!!

  30. Doubling the size of your family overnight by quadrupling the number of children in it does not affect the amount of love you can give each one. Love is infinite, and infinity divided by any number is still infinity.