Book Review - Before You Sleep

I know I love my kids more than anything in the world, but do I tell them enough? I think I do, but do they? Do I really spend enough time showing them just how much they mean to me, especially the toddler who has to share my time with his brothers and sister (1-year-old triplets)?

Thought provoking questions!

I was approached to write a review of a book called ‘Before You Sleep’ written by a father (Benji Bennett) of 3 who tragically lost his 4-year-old son Adam to an undiagnosed brain tumour. The book allows parents to share precious love filled moments with their children while letting the children’s imaginations run wild.

This is a gorgeous book with colourful thought provoking illustrations featuring an array of imaginative scenes, from dinosaurs to outer space. Little ones will be drawn to the pictures, quickly pointing out which one matches what they themselves love. The prose is sweet and rhyming, drawing children in and engulfing them in love and hugs.

A charming book that I highly recommend for young children.

In the words of my very own 3-year-old “daddy can we read it again I love it!”. I will take that as a big thumbs up.

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