Summer holiday season is finally here and it seems natural to think about what beach wear to pack for the perfect look. I'm no different to most men, i'm not in the same shape i was in my twenties and could certainly do with a little guidance when trying to achieve a look that suits my body type. In this post i hope to offer some useful advice and tips on choosing the right style for everybody.

What Swimwear Style Is Right For You?

Today, there are many swimwear styles available ranging from tightly fitting swim briefs like the original speedo to roomy boardshorts. However, not everybody can pull off the swim trunks Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale, nor are they to everyone’s taste. First of all, it depends on your height and built. A thin man that is 6’8″ tall and thin should consider wearing longer and wider board shorts while a shorter man should opt for shorter trunks or briefs. Also, if swimming is the primary use, you need different swimsuits than if you just want to relax on the beach or by the pool.

Try these simple tips when choosing

Tall and athletic

Anything will do. Just choose a nice colour to match skin tone.

Short and athletic Usually the brief style will do the trick. Go for a high leg cut to make legs look longer and a low waist band to show off those abs. Avoid long and extra long shorts.

Tall and thin Baggy shorts are best. Make sure you don’t overdo the bagginess.

Tall and big Long shorts in one solid colour will look best. If you want patterned swimwear, choose small patterns and keep the colours down.

Big Tummy Again wear a solid colour - patterns will just accentuate. And remember you can easily cover up your flabby bits by wearing a tee shirt or shirt.

Whatever your body type, there is a wealth of choice available and you are sure to find the perfect brief or shorts whether you are reclining on the beach or chasing your kids around the park.

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