The paragraph that will last a lifetime

This September our eldest who turned 4 on the 18th started nursery, which is not only a massive milestone for him but also us as his parents. Amazingly we’ve managed to get him to 4 without any major disasters which when compared to a Tamagotchi I kept in the 90s that only managed a few days without starving to death is a miracle.

So the point of my post isn’t to furnish you with loads of pictures of him in front of a door or a wall, hell if you want to see those check out social media, or alternatively don’t as your probably sick of seeing them as your timeline was full of them during the beginning of September.

I want to take you back to list of things he will need from the school, which was pretty much as you’d expect: Polo shirts, School sweatshirt, School bag etc

Then you got to 2 things lurking at the bottom of the list which I didn’t even know were a thing, firstly a picture of the family in a frame (not sure why there was a need for a frame) so they could show him if he got upset or missed home or in our case if he missed being constantly terrorised by the velociraptors (see previous post).

The second item and the one that has caused Triplet Mummy and Myself the most sleepless nights was a short paragraph or few short lines that they could read to him again if he was upset!

Now in reality this sounds simple enough but that’s where the pitfalls lie, this piece of writing will forever be documented and kept safe with his records, so what was written has to be awe-inspiring, imaginative and just a damn good piece of work otherwise when he’s 18 and finds this note in a box of dusty old papers he’ll realise that there was very little thought put into it. As well as that the teacher is going to read every one of these notes which will give her an insight into the parents of her pupils (god help she should get an insight into the inner workings of my head), which means we cannot fail at the first school hurdle, we need to write something that blows said teacher away, we need to show her we mean business and this parenting thing is easy!

After a number of failed attempts and lots of expletives I finally came up with something I think will put a smile on his face in years to come, so here goes:

Joshua, you are growing into an amazing little boy who makes mummy and daddy very proud. You are a fantastic big brother that Zac, Ashley and Sophie look up to and learn from every day. Mummy and daddy hope you have an fab time in nursery and this journey becomes the start of an amazing adventure on which you are guided by your imagination and dreams. Always remember to reach for the stars – love you our little Jedi!

Hopefully it’ll stand the test of time and also the judgement of his teacher - of course she will judge, I would!

OK, i told a little white lie, here's a pic of him by a door in his uniform - proud dad moment!