Stepping In S**t and Coming Out Smelling of Roses

The triplets are now in nursery and everything seems to be going well but that wasn’t always the case. I’ll wind the clock back to earlier this year when we had the letter to say “great news the triplets can start rising 3’s in April” which means they have 3 hours of nursery a day, the only requirement is they must be fully potty trained.

OMG!!!!! How the hell do you go about potty training 3 at once?

I know, Google will have the answer there’ll be some kind of baby whisperer who has written a step by step guide to training troublets to pee and poo somewhere other than in their nappies or in the bath.

Seems potty training troublets is easy (according to the internet experts), firstly get 3 potties as they’ll all need their own.

Two took to it like a duck to water, very few accidents and things were starting to look positive, however Ashley (triplet 2) decided that potties were not for him and he was happy shitting himself!

We tried everything, bribes with sweets, toys, even telling him he couldn’t start nursery with his brother and sister to which his response was “I don’t want to go” which is threenager speak for “get lost I’ll do it in my own time”

It got to the point that his brother and sister started nursery and he had to wait which he loved as he was finally getting all the attention.

Fast forward a month or so and something must have clicked in his head.

“Daddy I want to go on the big toilet” he exclaimed, its happening its really happening, 3 hours of peace a day with the troublets in nursery.

Things progress well, he has the odd little accident but nothing major and he’s started nursery. Family bliss has been restored.

Or so we thought………………………………………….

One evening whilst preparing a bath for them Ashley states he needs a poo, Triplet Mummy is getting pyjamas ready in their bedroom, so I go to whip off his trouser and pants only to be greeted with the smell that could burn paint off a wall. “Ash have you already pooed?” “NO!” he protested.

He’s now sat on the toilet, underwear checked, we’re all good, we caught it in time, result!

Just as I turn to leave the bathroom to put his clothes in the washing I feel a warm and squishy feeling between my toes, yep you guessed it! He had obviously pooed in his pants and the surprise nugget had jumped out onto the floor, as I hastily took them off to sit him on the toilet.

As I unknowingly stepped in it, I proceeded to skid along the bathroom floor like I’ve slipped on ice, out onto the carpeted landing dragging said substance with me.

All hell has now broken out. I’m at what can only be described as a low point in my life. I’m lying on my back on the carpet in poo skids shouting and trying to refrain from vomiting. Ashley finds it hilarious, the other kids all want to know what’s going on so I’m wriggling around trying to stop them spreading the mess. Mummy has come running to see what all the carnage is, let’s just say it’s a little bit crazy and somewhat smelly!

After throwing all 4 in the bath together and a major clean up operation order is restored and calm (yeah right) has fallen upon the household once more.

Potty training is tough with multiples but don't let it get you down, there's light at the end of the tunnel and you'll save a fortune not having to buy nappies!