Creating a Feature Wall with a Mural

The triplets bedroom has needed an update for a while now, they've grown out of circus and zoo animals, apparently that's for babies!

Triplet Mummy and I have bounced a few ideas around but hit a little bit of a dead-end, as our daughter is princess mad and wants pink and princesses everywhere where as her brothers want Disney Cars, not an easy solution to solve as they still share a room.

That was until we stumbled across wall murals and a company called Murals wallpaper who have a fantastic selection of custom designed wall murals to suit whatever style you could think of.

While browsing we came across a beautiful image of the Cinderella castle a Disneyland, which would work to tie in with a princess theme but would also be a nod to Disney with the Cars theme for the boys.

Once we had decided on the design I contacted Murals wallpaper to check sizing, the process is so simple, just email off the size, in my case it was 300cm x 250cm and they'll confirm if the design can be scaled to fit. Once confirmed, they emailed over a proof for me to check and, after confirming that it was perfect, I eagerly awaited the delivery of my wallpaper.

After a few days a sturdy cardboard tube was delivered, I couldn’t wait to check out the finish of the wallpaper.

The quality of the paper is second-to-none; really thick and the pattern is amazing.

Before starting i studied the very easy to follow instillation guide to ensure i had the correct tools and paste to install the mural properly. Which as it happens it just standard wallpapering tools that I already had so that was a result!

Here’s how the room looked before we started:

The mural comes as one long roll, with cut lines, so you need to cut the strips prior to starting, which was really straight forward as long a you can follow a line with a scissors. The mural is a paste-the-wall paper, which i find much easier as i always manage to rip and crease regular wallpaper as soon as I lift it up.

With the paper cut I laid the mural out on the floor to ensure the width was correct and to visualize the design.

Once happy, it was just a case of paste the wall with the premixed paste and start to stick the paper, as the mural is ordered to size there is minimal cutting. Lining up the pattern is a little tricky if your fitting on your own as i was however it does get easier with each sheet as you get used to it and as soon as I had rollered over the seem to stick it down it lined up perfectly. Once it’s dry, you can barely see the seam at all. In fact, the castle image where there’s more texture in the photo, it’s completely invisible.

The whole process took no longer than and hour and a half and i'm a novice DIYer, for the more experienced out there, you'll be done in no time.

Before installing the wallpaper I was a little worried that it would make the room appear smaller, especially compared to the cream wall it was covering. But, interestingly enough, the image makes the room look bigger. Your eye is draw to the horizon in the photograph and creates an optical illusion. It feels like the castle is in the distance so feels really spacious.

I love how it looks on the wall – it’s so big that it’s practically life-size,It's just like being in Disneyland.

Sure, when I ordered the mural I was fairly confident that I’d like this effect (triplet Mummy was more apprehensive) in the kids bedroom, but I never imagined that it would turn out so well. I can’t imagine the room without it now that it’s installed – it really is the ideal feature wall and finishes off the room perfectly. The only trouble is that I now want to decorate all the rooms with giant murals!

But, Triplet Mummy and I liking it is only part of keeping blissful peace in the house, "would the triplets like it?" is the biggest question.

Well, needless to say they loved it and our daughter says she never want to leave her princess room ever again (blessing in disguise).

If your looking to inject some life back into a room or create a focal point, check out, they're murals are beautifully designed and printed and more importantly really are simple to install and look awesome. for UK or alternatively Children's page UK: Children's page global:

Disclaimer : This post is collaborative and the wall mural was sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.